Machine Embroiderers of Oregon and Washington


M.E.O.W. is a nonprofit, educational group focused in the field of free form machine embroidery and machine artistry, which includes almost anything except garment construction.

The objectives are:

Area Groups meet on a regular basis. We have mini-classes, demonstrations and discuss new techniques, new materials, new supplies or sources and we spend time with others who also enjoy the art of machine stitching. These meetings are educational, enjoyable and planned to further our involvement in machine stitchery and/or fabric embellishment.


Not able to attend an area group, live out of Washington or Oregon?  Want to be a part of this fun group, be a Stray Cat.   Stray Cats receive a newsletter and are provided with all benefits of MEOW.  Contact our President and the Director of the Stray Cats

THE M.E.O.W. NEWSLETTER is on the website under Newsletter for members to view and mailed to those that pay for it to be sent to them quarterly. The newsletter contains informative articles, information about group meeting, schedules, and reports on board activities as well as patterns, instructions and tips from members.


Check the MEOW area groups for a chapter near you...or contact our Membership Chairman if you wish more information about our group.  We look forward to hearing from you and making new friends.


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