Machine Embroiderers of Oregon & Washington

New Member Application


M.E.O.W. is a non profit educational group comprised of persons interested in the field of machine embroidery and machine artistry. (almost anything except sewing garments).  The objectives are:

1.                  To encourage and promote interest and knowledge in creative sewing machine artistry as an art form (appliqué, battenburg, cutwork, lace, charted needle, etc).

2.                  To develop friendships as a means of sharing with one another, methods, techniques and other ideas pertinent to machine artistry.

3.                  To encourage high ethical standards among those persons engaged in machine artistry as a hobby or as a profession.


Area groups meet on a regular basis where they have mini-classes, demonstrations, discuss new techniques, new materials, new supplies or sources and spend time with others who also enjoy the art of machine stitching.  These meetings are educational and enjoyable and planned to further your involvement in machine stitchery and/or fabric embellishment.


The MEOW Newsletter is published and mailed to the membership quarterly.  The newsletter contains pertinent informative articles, information about the Area Groups with meeting schedules, seminar information and a whole lot more.


Each year a Spring Seminar is held.  At the seminar we have classes, lectures and demonstrations related to machine embroidery.  We LEARN, we SHARE, and most of all we ENJOY.



I hereby apply for membership in the  Machine Embroiderers of Oregon & Washington.


Dues are $35.00 a year.  Our fiscal year is September 1 through August 31.

Anyone joining after April 1, dues will be $20.00 for membership through August 31 of the current year.


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 Sandy Radtke, Membership Chair, 62305 Chickadee Lane, Bend, OR, 97701

Form dated May 14, 2009      All previous forms are obsolete.